Talks and Lectures - Department of Economics, University of Mannheim

this week

Internal Department Seminar

Monday, 15.10.2018, 12:00h in L7, 3-5 - Room 001

Hanno Foerster, Universität Mannheim:
The Impact of Post-Marital Maintenance on Dynamic Decisions and Welfare of Couples (Job Market Practice Talk)

SFB 884 Seminar

Monday, 15.10.2018, 14:00h in B6, 30-32 - Room 310

Lianne Ippel, Maastricht University:
Learning from Partitioned Data

CRC TR 224 Economics Seminar

Tuesday, 16.10.2018, 13:45h in L 7, 3-5 - Room P044

Juuso Välimäki, Aalto University:
All-Pay Auctions with Affiliated Binary Signals

Department Seminar (Faculty Seminar)

Tuesday, 16.10.2018, 17:15h in L7, 3-5 - Room 001

Andrzej Skrzypacz, Stanford University:
Test Design and Minimum Standards

Joint AEE/CRC TR 224 Seminar

Wednesday, 17.10.2018, 12:00h in L 7, 3-5 - Room P044

Karen Kopecky, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:
Old, Frail, and Uninsured: Accounting for Features of the U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Market

Research Seminar in Economic History

Wednesday, 17.10.2018, 17:15h in L 7, 3-5 - Room P044

Chris Colvin, Queen's University Belfast:
The Origins of the (Cooperative) Species: Raiffeisen Banking in the Netherlands, 1898-1909

Macro Seminar

Thursday, 18.10.2018, 12:15h in L9, 1-2 - Room 003

Vahe Krrikyan, Universität Mannheim:
Occupational Choice, Social Insurance and Endogenous Financial Constraints

CDSE Seminar

Thursday, 18.10.2018, 13:45h in L7, 3-5 - S031

Timo Reinelt, Universität Mannheim:
Why Do Contractionary Monetary Policy Shocks Lower Aggregate TFP?

CDSE Seminar

Thursday, 18.10.2018, 13:45h in L7, 3-5 - S031

Alexander Matusche, Universität Mannheim:
Government Spending: Prices, Quantities, and Labor Market Effects

ZEW Research Seminar

Thursday, 18.10.2018, 14:00h in ZEW, L7,1 - Room 23

Maarten Janssen, Universität Wien:
Retail Discrimination in Search Markets

Econometrics Seminar

Thursday, 18.10.2018, 15:30h in L9, 1-2 - Room 002

Alexander Kreiß, Universität Mannheim:
Local Maxmimum Likelihood Estimation of Time Dependent Parameters in Dynamic Interaction Networks

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