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CDSE Seminar

Tuesday, 13.4.2021, 15:30h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Tsung-Hsien Li, Universität Mannheim:
Are Payday Loan Users Irrational? A Credit Scoring Explanation (joint work with Jan Sun)

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CRC TR 224 Economics Seminar

Tuesday, 13.4.2021, 17:15h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Rahul Deb, University of Toronto:
Multi-Dimensional Screening with Buyer-Optimal Learning (joint work with Anne-Katrin Roesler)

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Mannheim Applied Seminar

Wednesday, 14.4.2021, 15:00h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Elizabeth Caucutt, University of Western Ontario, Minnesota:
Child Skill Production: Accounting For Parental and Market-Based Time and Goods Investments

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Research Seminar in Economic History

Wednesday, 14.4.2021, 15:15h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Sheilagh Ogilvie, University of Oxford:
Was Domar Right? Serfdom and Factor Endowments in Bohemia

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Macro Seminar

Thursday, 15.4.2021, 12:15h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Johannes Wacks, Universität Mannheim:
Labor Market Polarization with Hand-to-Mouth Households

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