Talks and Lectures - Department of Economics, University of Mannheim


in week 05/2019

Econometrics Seminar

Monday, 28.1.2019, 15:30h in L7, 3-5; Room S031

Yoshiyasu Rai, University of Wisconsin, Madison:
Statistical Inference for Treatment Assignment Policies

Econometrics Seminar

Tuesday, 29.1.2019, 15:30h in L7, 3-5; Room S031

Catherine Aeckerle-Willems, Universität Mannheim:
Nonparametric Adaptive Drift Estimation for Ergodic Diffusions


Friday, 1.2.2019, 10.30h in L7, 3-5; Room S031

Daniel Savelle, University of Virginia:
The Opacity of Search Markets: Discrete Choices with (and without) Ordered Search

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